A Ni(e)ce Visit

One of the perks of living closer to my hometown is that it’s easier for visitors to come up.  Yesterday, my sister and three of my nieces came up from Louisville for an ultra-quick turn around trip.  We had brunch, went to the lake, stumbled on an art festival, and toured about on the train.  Even with their brisk visit, they were still able to see some cool stuff that they all got a kick out of:  filming of the new Transformers movie downtown, the Eyeball, some gargoyles, a family of ducks, and a whole lotta cabs.

My family members returned south last night–well, not all of ’em.  I get to keep one for the next week.  So, in my tiny studio apartment, in a slowly deflating air mattress, lies a sleeping teenager.  I wonder what we’ll do for the next five days.  Perhaps some art museums, tours of cool buildings, some Shakespeare in the park, and so on…

But first things first, I’m gonna cut up a mango ’cause she said she’s never had one.  And that needs to be remedied swiftly.


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