Over and Out


The short run of The Good, the Bad, and the Monkey has come to a close.  I am very grateful that it was a success!  I’ve said (typed) it before, and I’ll say (type) it again….  A solo show can’t be done alone.  It truly takes so many people supporting the performer to make it a success…..   And I’m not just talking about the director, stage manager, house manager, etc….  In addition to these fantastic folks, a solo show could still not be done without an audience.  I am so very grateful to all of the friends, colleagues, students, and also the folks I don’t know that came out to see this show.  I’d like to also mention how thankful I am to all of the people who urged their friends and colleagues to see it.

I’m split right now between thoughts of touring Monkey again next year and writing a new solo show.  Well, actually, it’s a three-way split.  I also just want to go to sleep.  The monkeys, it seems, have already made up their minds with what they’ll be doing in the near future…..

…perhaps I’ll join them.


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