Online Personal Storytelling Workshop

Online Personal Storytelling Workshop

Everyone can tell a personal story, but in this online workshop, you’ll learn some of the technical ins and outs of taking true events from your own life and weaving them into a truly engaging performance. We will explore presentation, story structure, and different approaches that you can then use to help create your own style.

This online workshop is pay-what-you-can ($20 suggested) and is coming soon!

What People Are Saying:

  • Amanda’s honest, lovable personality oozes right into her workshops.  I walked into a room with about 15 strangers, and I walked out of that room feeling like I’d just hung out with my buddies on a Saturday afternoon.  She knows the importance of taking the time to establish an environment of acceptance, openness and trust, and that makes all the difference in the learning experience!

    —Jeremy Chapman