Auditions posted for WNEP’s one-act plays

28 05 2013

Chicago’s WNEP Theatre has a lovely run of original one-acts this summer!  Two Plays, One Place will be running at Zoo Studios in Ravenswood from July 26th – Aug 17th.

RAINBOWS AND LOLLIPOPS by Dave Goss (to be directed by Rebecca Langguth)

THE TRIBUTE by Rebecca Langguth (to be directed by Amanda Rountree)

We’re looking for actors!  (Seeking men ages 25-65 and women ages 25-45).  Prepare a two-minute monologue of your choosing. Headshot/resume.  Auditions are on Saturday, June 22nd.  Must be available for callbacks on Monday, June 24th from 7-10pm.  For more info and/or to sign up, please click here!

Two Original One Act Plays this Summer

16 05 2013

I’m an ensemble member of a pretty great theatre company here in Chicago called WNEP (What No one Else Produces) and this summer, we’ve got two original one-act plays coming up!

RAINBOWS AND LOLLIPOPS by Dave Goss (to be directed by Rebecca Langguth)

THE TRIBUTE by Rebecca Langguth (to be directed by Amanda Rountree)

Both one-acts will be performed at the Zoo Studios in Ravenswood from July 26th – Aug 17th!  More details on the show (and auditions for both plays) will be out soon!


Asses, Visors, and Art

13 02 2012

Many years ago, I received a sun-visor for auditioning for Aaron Spelling’s “Sunset Beach.”  Sort of a “we’re not hiring you, but have this ugly hat anyway” gesture.  Yeah, I know, they probably didn’t hire any “nobodies” from their nation-wide audition tour; I’m sure they never planned to.  It was a publicity stunt.  But I didn’t know that then.  You guys think I’m an optimist now?  You should have seen me in my late teens and early twenties.  I really thought I had a chance.  After all, I had performance experience and a great attitude.  So many of the other applicants were simply pretty girls that wanted to be on tv.  The audition was comprised of standing on stage with ten other girls and having someone yell, “Turn around!” so that they could look at our asses.  If my ass had somehow made the cut, I can’t imagine I’d be truly happy doing a show like that.  If that had happened, I would have moved to LA, not Seattle…which means I never would have toured Europe…so I never would have performed an improvised play in a small town in Switzerland inside a beautiful, old stone tower.  It is one of my favorite memories—not just from that trip and it’s not just one of my favorite performance memories–it’s one of my favorite life memories.  Not only were my colleagues and I improvising a story with genuine characters and sincere moments, but nobody was judging the size or shape of my ass.  (Well, that I know of, anyway).  As artists, aren’t we here to tell the stories that desire to be told?  In that stone tower in Switzerland that evening, it truly felt like it was a story that wanted to be told.  I’m not sure I can say the same for “Sunset Beach.”

Upcoming Auditions

20 04 2008

Theatre Momentum is opening two new original long-form shows this summer. The auditions for these shows are coming up on May 17. Rob Kozlowski is directing “Jigsaw” and yours truly is directing “Mixtape.” Please click here for more info!