Shakespeare, Unscripted opens this Saturday!

2 04 2015

I got a hold of some of the most delightful improvisers in the Atlanta area and then I made them hang out with me for two months straight–watching, reading, playing, and studying Shakespeare.  These people are smart, funny, and good.  And so is this show.


Shakespeare, Unscripted is a fully improvised play in the style of William Shakespeare.  We run Saturdays at 8pm in April and May.  Please get your tickets here!

Hie thee to Highwire!

The Cast:  Ian Covell, Kelley Lockman, Madison Rigger-Hatfield, Andy Bliss, Ian Custar, Sarah Zureick-Brown, Kris Purushothaman, David Wappel, and Amanda Rountree

This post has one title; I have two.

12 11 2014

Every artist is familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of being too far away from creative projects for too long; I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t find something soon enough down south. But, boy, I sure did arrive in Atlanta at the right time.

Right about the time we moved down here, I met Ian Covell, the founder of Atlanta’s new improv theater, Highwire Comedy.

While gettin’ used to a new life and a new home, it has been really helpful to have fun improv stuff and fun improv people to ground me. And now that Highwire Comedy has its own space in Decatur, we’ve been making lots and lots of plans! I am absolutely overjoyed to announce that I have been made both the Artistic Director and the Associate Education Director of Highwire Comedy!

I'm pleased as punch to be a part of this fantastic theater!

I’m pleased as punch to be a part of this fantastic theater!

Just getting the chance to start playin’ with fun people right away was already a relief!   (I got to play in “The Soapbox, Highwire’s weekly Armando-style show, mere days after arriving here.  Plus, I’m currently directing a FANTASTIC group of actors in “The Day Before Tomorrow,” an improvised show in the style of a disaster film, which opens later this month.)  But man, oh man!  Now I have a title–more than one, even!  I feel fancy.

Ian (my Artistic Director cohort and the Education Director) and I have sat down and have started creating class offerings and show schedules for Highwire. Stay tuned, y’all. 2015 is going to be a very exciting year!

For Performers

4 09 2011

You cannot move your audience unless you are moved.

I am one of the crazy people on the train.

29 08 2011

The other day, I was on my way to teach or direct and was planning on focusing on character wants that day.  I had accidentally left my “bag of wants” at home, so I had to create more wants on slips of paper for my actors to draw out of a hat later for their scenes.

I want you to love me.

I want your respect.

I want you to like me more than you like yourself.

I want you to be my friend.

You annoy me, but I want to have sex with you.

I neatly wrote these thoughts and more like it in my notebook on the busy train.  A few stops before I had to get off, the woman on the inside of my seat excused herself to get off the train.  As she got up, she looked at me with a considerable amount of pity.

Trust that we can just be birds.

21 09 2010

Today I was paging through my notes from directing and coaching improvisational theatre.  Here are some phrases that stood out to me.  Perhaps one could apply them to more than improv….

Stay Connected

Be Affected

trust that we can just be birds

Be either off or on–not in between.


If it doesn’t matter to you, why should it matter to us?

Let IT be what IT wants to be.

Support each other.

Say “yes” to yourself, dammit!

Have fun with each other!

Get to it.

Make discoveries from the inside, not decisions from the outside.

Open Up.

Always wear comfy clothes.


Trust your own impulses.


Don’t make people crazy.  Join them.


Less thinking and more being.

fantastic spinning

It’s going to be pretty hard to do anything if no one likes each other.

It was great when Hercules was affected.

Give some space.

your funny talk about sacks got funnier when you were affected by each other

Have something that matters to you.

Please come to the opening and the closing!

8 06 2010

What if They Held a Peace Rally and Nobody Came? is the delightful sketch show I’m directing as part of Joe Janes’ 365 Sketches Project.  WNEP is co-producing all 365 sketches–and it’s happening right now!  Pretty exciting stuff, if you ask me.  Please come check out any of the remaining 26 performances.  But of course I’d love it if you could make the performance of Peace Rally.  The cast is amazing:  Dominique Lewis, Ed Smaron, Erin Orr, Kelsie Huff, Kevin Gladish, Lori Goss, Michael Carothers, and Scott Whitehair.  Peace Rally occurs one night only:  Friday, June 11th at 8pm at Strawdog Theatre. Chances are high that you could find Jesus, hear a mime, or see a unicorn.  And that’s not bad for a Friday night.

So what am I doing?

26 05 2010

Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m doing enough as an artist.

Okay, so I am aware that I can oft be a wee hard on myself.  Because of that, I figured I’d sit down and list out what really is going on.  You know, to find out if I really have something to worry about here or if I’m fine.  Sheesh.

I’m in the middle of booking a performance of The Good, the Bad, and the Monkey in Louisville, KY for a yet-to-be-determined August date.

I’m applying to the New Orleans Fringe Festival.

I’m in rehearsals for What if They Held a Peace Rally and Nobody Came? (the show I’m directing as part of Joe Janes’ 365 Sketches Project).

I’m trying to keep my apartment habitable (read:  cool) with a series of skilled fan positions and ice cube placements.

I’m in rehearsals for Polka-Dots and Moonbeams, another show in the 365 Sketches Project.  Jen Ellison is directing this one.

I’m getting my apartment all ready for a delightful out-of-town guest this weekend.  My niece is coming!  Yay!

I’m in rehearsals for a sketch show directed by Cholley Kuhaneck as part of her final project for the directing program at Second City.  We preview this Friday at 7:30 in the De Maat Theatre.

I’m directing the delightful improvisers in FrankenReagan every week, and am so proud of the work they’ve been doing.

I’m watching my bean plants, kale, and cute little flowers growing in my window boxes!

And I’m procrastinating a little bit.  Instead of folding laundry or cleaning off my kitchen table, I’m composing a blog about what I’ve got going on…  Probably to make myself feel better about not cleaning off the table.

Wow.  I’m so transparent.  I can see right through me.  But I do feel a little better about what I’m accomplishing.  So that’s something.  Now to post this, so that I can clean….