Living in the South

27 01 2015

Best things about living in the south:

fried okra

the weather

the wonderful people I’ve met

(they don’t necessarily come after okra and weather, but I just had more okra today, and it’s really on my mind)

fried lots of things, actually

sweet tea

the weather: it’s worth mentioning again, as it is the middle of January and I am only wearing one pair of pants

ubiquitous bicsuits


mountain hikes

and seriously, y’all:  the weather

needing and wanting

1 07 2014

What I need to do right now

figure out how much alcohol we need to order for the wedding reception

research moving companies and compare the quotes I’ve gotten

research photo booth companies

pack more boxes

figure out the garbage/recycling companies in our new neighborhood

fill-out the change-of-address form

something involving rehearsal dinner

something involving shoes

something involving hair

lots of other things involving lots of other things


What I want to do right now

think about how much I’ll miss Chicago and eat cookies


Living in Chicago

7 08 2013

Sometimes means that you will occasionally attend a street festival by accident in the summer

Sometimes means you’ll find yourself squished into the corner of the train car between an oblivious guy with a backpack and a chuckling gentleman who rolls his eyes

Sometimes means you can fall asleep to the sound of the waves hitting the beach

Sometimes means that you’re waiting in line at the grocery store behind an old couple quietly speaking in Polish

Sometimes means you smell chocolate when you’re walking to work

Sometimes means that on any given week, you receive forty-nine event invitations on facebook and forty-eight of them are for sketch or improv shows

Sometimes means you will hear “Go Bears” as a salutation between strangers during football season

Sometimes means that by walking down one street, you can travel through several countries

Always means you’ll have no shortage of something fun or interesting to do

Always means you’re going to continue meeting some pretty amazing people

Here’s to you, Chicago!  I can’t believe it’s already been six years.




30 01 2013


can be

good or bad

depending on the context

context is too hard a word when expounding around squishiness

my softest apologies

but squishy is mushy in all the right places

muddy puddles, poofy coifs, messy sweaters, comfy cushions:

all good squishy

moldy flowers, soggy documents, month-old mushrooms, sweaty handshakes:

all bad squishy

expected squishy is pretty much always better than unexpected squishy

especially when the context is your shoe or pocket

2013: The Year of Great Legwear

1 01 2013

It has only been 2013 for about sixteen hours or so,

but I can tell it’s gonna be a good year…..

I’ve already worn five different pairs of pants.

going-to-a-party-with-lovely-people jeans

big ol’ comfy I-need-to-eat-food-after-whisky jeans

sleepy, fuzzy kermit pants

post-pasta workout sweats

lounging-on-the-couch owl pj’s

Clearly, we’re off to a productive start.

This is gonna be a year full of wonderful changes….

Things I Have Learned (or Been Reminded of) This Week

2 04 2012

That place on W2 forms where you list exemptions is important.  I need to change mine.

Uncle Sam is getting a lot of money from me this month.

Sometimes when you sit down to write about something, you write about something else entirely.

I forgot how much I love Sherman Alexie’s writing.  I need to read more of his work.

People can be really awful to each other.

Homemade pico de gallo is delicious.  I shouldn’t put it in an opaque container though.  ‘Cause I just forget that it’s in there.

Old homemade pico de gallo is stinky.

Chicago’s comedy community is fantastic in so many ways.

For a person who doesn’t necessarily celebrate Easter, I have a lot of Easter plans.

People can be really wonderful to each other.

That stranger you sit next to on the train or pass by on the sidewalk could be dealing with some intense stuff.  Even the smallest gesture of compassion can make a difference to that person.



Recipe for Writing a Show

30 03 2012

Writing a show is:

1 part inspiration

1 part discipline

2 parts putting your insides on the page

1 part playing Scrabble on facebook

If you’re going to try to double that last one, you better double the whole damn recipe.