If you don’t read this, you won’t know what it says.

9 12 2013

Something happened to the internet while we were all looking.  It has become increasingly desperate, and continues moving in that direction.

word_amazingNo matter where you look on the internet, you see things that basically are saying, “Click here!” “Read this!” or “Watch me!”  Of course, we are typically clicking on something else, reading some other article, or watching a different video, so if our attention is going to be grabbed, something major needs to be done to grab it.  Which, I suppose, is why the attention-grabbing attempts have gotten more and more annoying.  It started—as all things do—fairly innocently:

“The top ten things you must know this winter!”

“You’ll never look at yourself the same way again!”

But then it got a little pushy:

“If you only do one thing today, make it be watching this video.

“My mind is blown and yours will be too.”

And even insulting:

“If you don’t watch this video, you are doing life wrong.”

Then it began to really exaggerate:

“The only speech you’ll ever have to hear in your whole life.  Ever.”

“The best thing in your entire life is about to happen to you when you read this.”

I feel that that’s where we are now.  Everything is exaggerated so much that the words have nearly lost their meaning.

“This is the most awesome thing ever!  So much awesome!”

But I thought I clicked on the most awesome thing ever yesterday.  It was a hippo walking with a dying dog.  And I’m not sure I would call that awesome.  It was sweet and a little sad.  But I’m not sure “awesome” is the best description.  Would people still watch the video if the description was:

“This is sweet and a little sad?”

upworthy240x190Nearly everyone online is guilty of this crap.  But the ones who do it best are sites like Upworthy and Buzzfeed.  Both are sites that share a lot of interesting or funny or informative or otherwise intriguing pictures, stories, or videos.  I don’t have a problem with their content; I have a problem with their desperation and their superlatives.

BuzzFeed_logoDon’t get me wrong.  Some things are brilliant or amazing or genius or the best.  But when we see so many things claiming to be all of these sorts of “awesome” on a daily basis, we get desensitized to it.  It’s the other end of the spectrum of being overwhelmed or desensitized by bad news.

Sometimes, the world seems like a very bad place.  There is awful news no matter where you look.  People are suffering.  People are dying.  But the response to this is to say, “It just seems that way, because they only report the bad news.”  Now with the internet, everyone is reporting.  All of us.  And there’s a lot of good news out there.  But we don’t have to make it sound better than it is.  It can just be “simple” or “a little sweet” or “kinda ordinary.”  Besides, I don’t always want to click on:

“This woman is a hero and she is doing everything in her life the best way possible.”

Sometimes, I’d rather click on:

“This woman has made mistakes like you have and she is still okay.”

Maybe we’re still struggling to find the balance.  There is horrible, awful news and there is amazingly inspiring news.  But there is also even more very ordinary, regular ol’ news.  And I guess that’s the problem isn’t it?  The common everyday happenings aren’t news.

For me it’s more beautiful and comforting that the good things ARE ordinary as opposed to being “the best ever.”  Good things aren’t rare and we shouldn’t treat them as such.  Appreciate them, yes.  But recognize that they are all around us.

If you didn’t read this, it only means that you don’t know what it said.  That’s all.

Burma in the Fall

10 05 2013

I dreamt of Burma in the fall

It sounds like a poem

But it’s not

not yet

It was beautiful though….sort of like

Tennessee or Wisconsin in the Fall

but way more exotic.

Upon waking, I was glad that my subconscious did not call it Myanmar

but wondered

Can sleeping thoughts help the progress of human rights?

Let’s hope.

Because what have I really done in my waking life?

I was with my LoverHealer and he thought it would be good for me to go to

Burma in the Fall

and who am I to disagree

It worked.  I felt LovedHealed

It was beautiful,

dreaming of Burma in the Fall

It sounds like a poem

and it is


I just had to share

25 04 2013

Apparently someone clicked on this site today because they searched (and I quote):

weird to walk into a bar alone with a girl has a squishy thing


On a related note….  Ladies, please, for your own safety, ALWAYS bring your squishy thing with you when you are out on the town alone.  Yes, it’s true that some guys will find it weird, but first and foremost, it’s best to be protected.


30 01 2013


can be

good or bad

depending on the context

context is too hard a word when expounding around squishiness

my softest apologies

but squishy is mushy in all the right places

muddy puddles, poofy coifs, messy sweaters, comfy cushions:

all good squishy

moldy flowers, soggy documents, month-old mushrooms, sweaty handshakes:

all bad squishy

expected squishy is pretty much always better than unexpected squishy

especially when the context is your shoe or pocket

I wonder if they ever found out the answer….

16 06 2012

Ah, I love lookin’ at the search word terms for my site.  Apparently, just recently, someone clicked on my site ’cause they searched the following:

“monkey in dream is good or bad”

In case they click over here again, I’ll venture to help them.

Well, Dear Reader, I’d say that depends.  Are you a performer who has monkeys in your solo show?  If so, perhaps the dream is simply you working out the right blocking.  Do you like monkeys?  It’s a good thing.  Are you scared of monkeys?  It’s a stress dream.  It really depends on so many factors.  Was the monkey wearing your clothes?  Did the monkey remind you of your ex?  Or of your mother?  What did the monkey say to you?  Was there direct eye contact?  Were any other animals involved?  Did you feel loved?  Mocked?  Inspired?

Perhaps your monkey is just an extension of your ego.  Tell your monkey not to bother you.  Give your ego a banana and go back to sleep.  Sweet dreams, dear reader.  Sweet dreams.

A Sonnet for My Love

7 03 2012

Oh, Theatre!  Thou art my true, lasting love

You’ve stood beside me, steadfast, all these years

Methinks that thou were sent from hea’en above

To grant me laughter and some humble tears.


Expression is something we humans need

To find our truth and look it in the eye

Good theatre happens then, I feel, indeed.

It’s not just “who, what, where” or “how” but “why”


For when I saw thee, it was not enough.

I had to have experience with thee

You’re not the stage, the lights, or other “stuff”

You’re the connection betwixt them and me.


A good relationship is give and take

And ours has both.  I thank thee, for art’s sake.

Did you read your label?

28 01 2012


Special Care Instructions

The life you have is unique.  Because it is made of organic materials, natural variations in color may occur.   Any irregularities are not to be seen as defective.  Imperfections only increase your life’s natural beauty and individuality.  Please handle with care.  Turn life inside out before assuming you know everything.  Tumble high and low.  Do not use chlorine bleach.  Do not dry clean.