About Amanda

Amanda Rountree has been performing improvisational theatre professionally since 1992, teaching since 1998, and directing since 2002. She is also a storyteller, writer, puppeteer, and solo-performer. In 2014, she moved to the Atlanta area from Chicago, where she was a faculty member with the Second City Training Center, an ensemble member with WNEP Theatre, and a writer/puppeteer with SNORF.  She performed personal stories to live audiences starting in 2008 with many Chicago-based curated storytelling shows, including This Much is True, The Lifeline Storytelling Project, and Serving the Sentence.  Her one-woman shows, The Good, the Bad, and the Monkey and 185 Buddhas Walk into a Bar… both had successful runs in Chicago and tours to other cities. Previously, she was a performer and instructor with Unexpected Productions and a performer and Co-Artistic Director of Playback Theater Northwest in Seattle. Amanda has entertained audiences in eight countries and countless North American cities utilizing a wide variety of styles, disciplines, and formats. She’s performed everything from improv games in Kentucky and improvised Shakespeare at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival to drama therapy in Japan and breakthrough formats in Germany.  Amanda was Artistic Director and Education Associate of Highwire Comedy in Atlanta from its founding in 2015 until March, 2017.  She performs, teaches, and directs throughout the Atlanta area and beyond. Since March of 2020, she has also offered her improv and storytelling classes online, teaching students around the globe.

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