The Author

I combined my improv and storytelling skills with my love of literature and wrote a novel! This sweet, contemporary romance will be available later this year. If you would like an update on when and how you can purchase it, please let me know here.

Low-Key Collage

Willow Keystone’s life is a jumbled mess. As a Chicago-based forty-year-old visual artist, she has struggled and failed for years to gain every artist’s dream of success. When her reputation is ruined by a lying predator, she impulsively flees and accepts her aunt’s invitation to come to the small Pacific Northwest town of Tamarack Depression. Romance is the last thing on her mind.

San Francisco chef Rohan Lee has finally sworn off love after falling hard and fast far too many times. His latest heartbreak prompts an escape to the beauty and affordability of a sad-sounding mountain town where he plans to realize his longtime goal of owning and running his own restaurant.

These two find solace and inspiration in their loved ones and each other, while dodging the local gossips and their own awkwardness and insecurities. Through delicious food and dreamy art creations, Willow reevaluates her preconceptions around what it means to be a truly successful artist as well as her idea of whether or not she could ever be settled enough to pursue a relationship.

But just when she feels like her life is moving in the right direction, Willow’s harasser tracks her down, threatening more than just her new found love and rekindled artistic expression. Will Willow be able to protect herself and her loved ones and face her stalker head-on so she can truly be free?