I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, “Summer has been great, but what I’m really worried about is that come November, I’ll have nothing to do on Thursdays other than eat pumpkin pie that one time.”  Well, worry no more, dear reader.  Worry no more.

I just got the official word that my one-woman show will be making its third Chicago appearance.  And–I’m happy to report–that it will be at the newly renovated Stage 773!  Actually, I took a little hard-hat tour of the space today.  (The actual opening of the wonderful, refurbished space will be next month.)

So, pencil me in on your calendar, won’t you?  The monkeys and I (with special guests TBA) will be waiting for you each Thursday night in November (um, except for that one Thursday night….when we’ll be eating tofurkey).

Now, back to summer!