So much in the news this week has been nightmarish.  It’s been difficult for me to fall asleep at night when I think of the horrors that the three women in Cleveland endured.  It makes me so angry that this man had horrible domestic violence on his record, yet nothing was done.  And it makes me angrier that, as a society, we often turn our attention away from domestic violence.  “1 in  4 women have experienced domestic violence.”  1 in 4.  As humorous as the interview of Charles Ramsey is, thank goodness he and Angel Cordero ran toward the call for help and not away from it–as many might do, dismissing it as a “private issue.”

All of the information coming out as this case is being covered on the news has left me with a combination of sadness for these women and the life-long trauma they will face; disgust and disbelief about the perpetrator of these heinous crimes; guilt for just wanting to hear some good news; gratitude for my own safety and the safety of my loved ones; and hope for the future that we fill find ways to stop the cycles of abuse.

There is a lot more to be written on these subjects.  But I’m not going to do it.  Not now.  I’m too exhausted from the news.  I just want to hug my loved ones and send out loving and healing wishes to all those who need it.  Which is everyone.  All of us.

Be good to each other.  Look out for each other.