a section of the shirt that has no holes
a section of the shirt that has no holes

It is a Mellow Mushroom shirt from my trip to an improv festival in Athens, Georgia in the mid-90’s.  It was purchased after my fellow improv troupe members and I had pizza with unique toppings at that restaurant.  It’s sort of a pinky-orange color.  It is over-sized, as I purchased it in the 90’s, when I wore over-sized shirts.  But it’s also stretched more and more over the years; so it is perfect to wear for sleeping.

You are soft.  You are always somehow cool to the touch.  You should probably be discarded, but I can’t bear to throw you away.  You seem to have gotten bigger over the years.  You remind me of my younger self–both the parts I like and the parts I don’t.  You were with me when I still lived with my parents.  And I brought you along to Cincinnati, Seattle, and Chicago.

Thou art hole-y.  Thou art gentle.  Thou dost shelter my back whilst not sheltering at all.  Thou hast watched o’er my slumber on countless nights.  Thou hast chaperoned me to my dreams.  Thou art dependable and constant.  Thou hast been ever loyal and unfailing.

mellow mushroom
the back of the shirt has not been so lucky

I am old.  But still under twenty years old.  So in a sense, I am still young.  What is age, really?  I have been with you that entire time.  I am your favorite.  I always have your back–well, except for maybe lately when I stretched out too much near the shoulder.  But I have most of your back.  And I’m kind of like a convertible now.  I’ve been happy with you, but I know you will be moving on soon.  Ironically, you will be returning to the part of the country where we first met.  I know you’d be lying if you told me you hadn’t thought about replacing me once you get there.