Moving sucks.

Everybody agrees.  Not that I need to be validated by other people’s opinions (butitsureisnice).


This post was intended to be half-full, not half-empty.

1/2 full <begin>

My new home is wonderful!  I am right by the lake, near a park by the lake, not a warehouse by the lake or a shopping center by the lake–but a tree-filled, more-nature-than-Chicagoans-see-on-most-days, genuine park!  It’s by the lake.  And I have hardwood floors and walls (regular, not hardwood) and all the necessary rooms and ceiling fans and windows where I can see the lake!  Oh, I should mention that it’s by the lake!  And hoooo-boy, did I need a place by the lake.

Basically, I’m living in a retreat center.  One that’s private, that is.

Which is kinda awesome.

Shouldn’t we all live in retreat centers?

I put my Buddha by my bed to hammer home that whole retreat center thing.  (Don’t tell Buddha this, but he’s more just for looks, ’cause the retreat-feel is already there on accounta I can hear the waves of the lake arriving on the beach.)

My lake-citement is not a rubbing-it-in-the-face-of-non-lake-dwellers feeling.  (I fear it might be coming across that way).  I AM JUST SINCERELY DELIGHTED and somewhat surprised THAT I LIVE BY THE LAKE!

I appreciate your patience and understanding while putting up with my lake-citement.

Moved is good.

1/2 full <better never end>