Life isn’t about the moments you plan to be perfect. It’s about all the other ones–the quiet ones, the screaming ones, the surprising ones.  The ones that either rip your heart out or fill you with so much love you feel divine.

Life is the ultimate improvisation.  Make your partners look good.  Look ’em in the eye.  Go out there with that magical mixture of confidence and humility.  Be generous with your own ideas and enjoy supporting the ideas of others.  Say “yes” to your own ideas before you expect anyone else to say “yes” to them.  Stay open.  Be affected by what’s happening around you.  Allow yourself to be changed.  Be sincere.

Whether you strive for perfection or don’t, you won’t get perfection.  So remove that stress and enjoy the beautiful, imperfect, unexpected moments that life will inevitably give you.  Know that you cannot avoid the difficult moments.  These are just as important to the story and you can’t skip them.  You must live through them.  Let Life tell its whole story through you–not just the fun moments you want to enjoy.  Allow every moment to transform you.

You’re not living life.  Life is living you.  Help it have fun while it’s here.  Don’t fight it.  Work with it.  Let it surprise you.  Life knows what it’s doing.

’photo by Amanda