So I had a dream where I could fly

But the only one who knew was My Past

My Past was gentle and kind and we had lots of secrets together


We tried to get away from the others.  He protected me.

I climbed up the fence-building and jump-sailed down

He distracted them from my powers by going through the gate


Before anyone caught up with me, I saved a girl who seemed already gone

An Ophelia submerged in the creek

It was another world, that creek

Familiar and Unfamiliar


The creek people lived there and the legend was

They eat people

My Past had almost been eaten a long time ago

But survived and was stronger for it.

My Past had a tattoo of the charm that wards off any evil from the Creek People

My Past was safe


We saw horses and went wading-skating down the creek

My Past and I

We could walk on water


When we returned

My Past’s Present saw us together

It made me self-conscious