When I click on “new post” this site immediately puts a blinking cursor into the space where I should put the title of my new post.  That seems a little pushy to me.  At least today it does.  Maybe it’s because it’s the beginning of a new year.  I’m not really sure where this post is going to end up.  And I don’t know how this year will end up either.  So why can’t I just wait to title my year in say December or next January?

Since we’re on the subject, must I title my year?  I suppose titles make it easier for archival purposes.  Some years slip into ambiguity, while others remain clearly marked for their unique qualities:  The Year I Moved to Seattle, The Break-Up/Japan Year, The Year I Toured Europe for Six Weeks, The Year I Moved to Chicago, The Year of (The Good the Bad and) the Monkey, and so on…  These serve as markers for the cartography of my life.  I can’t always find the arrow that denotes clearly “you are here.”  But at least I can see where I’ve been.

Sometimes, I can even see where I’m going.  The paint on the signpost that read, “The Year I Moved to Chicago” had already dried by the time I got out here.  And the “Gonna Create My One-Woman Show” signs led to successful ventures.  So, perhaps I can start making some signs for 2010 and see which ones I use:  The Year I Toured With Monkeys, The Year I Fell in Love (the Right Way), The Year I Began Doing Yoga on a Daily Basis, etc…

Maybe a good goal in life is to have all of one’s years inspire easy titles because of their momentous events.  But maybe that’s putting too much pressure on myself.  I’m fairly skilled at that.  Which is why I don’t need some blinking cursor doing it for me.

I’m not sure what to title this one yet.  And that’s just fine.