I’ve gotten this question a lot lately.

Typically, if I go for a long time without performing, I get all antsy.  It can happen in as few as 15 performance-less days in a row.  But oddly and interestingly, I haven’t gotten too awfully antsy lately.  This is definitely because a lot of my energy has been taken up with moving/unpacking/nesting.  Also, summer is happening.  And after surviving my fourth (I know!  Can ya believe it?!) Chicago winter, spending the summer near the lake instead of inside a dark theater has been kinda nice.

The last time I went for this long without performing was when I first moved to Chicago.  Again, I was moving/unpacking/nesting.  That combined with being in a new city and not knowing anyone fostered an almost two-month period of no stage-time.  I did kinda get a little crazy toward the end there, as I recall.  But one of the upsides was that I ended up focusing all that creative energy into painting, drawing, and cooking fancy, inventive dishes.

This time around, I’ve been writing more.

So, I guess the answer to the question is:  Probably not until the fall (unless I go crazy before then and manage to sneak in some solo work that’s been rollin’ around in my noggin).  Until then, I’ll be thankfully teaching lots and lots, sharin’ some of my writings on this site, and maybe making some pies.

A decade ago, something like this would have made me very nervous.  I defined myself by what I did, rather than who I was.  So, if I wasn’t doing what I did, well, then who was I?  I’m not sure if I have the clearest idea of who I am.  But it’s certainly clearer than it was before.  It’s a nice feeling, for sure.

Comfortable and satisfying.

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