They say that the whole “right-brained” and “left-brained” talk is a myth.  Our brain hemispheres aren’t a pair of quarreling twins–one who did the sensible thing by going to business school and the other, a dream-follower who dropped out of college to cover canvases in paint and notebooks in poetry.  Humans seem to love to label and be labeled (when we think the labels suit us, that is).  How else do you explain all of those “Which [insert tv show here] character are you?!” quizzes on facebook? So being able to confidently say, “Oh, well I’m right-brained, so I can’t do computer programming…” is enough of an excuse.  It’s scientifically backed or something.

Of course, brains (and people) are more complicated than that.  But I bring all of this up because I was musing on my copious limitations and I don’t wish to blame an entire hemisphere of my brain on any of my flaws.

My talent be crafting shows for the stage;
But not designing a brilliant web page.

I can confidently state that although I’m good with putting my thoughts into a rhyming iambic pentameter couplet at a moment’s notice, my head spins at the thought of trying to update my website.

Fortunately, I know some amazingly talented folks with all sorts of incredible skill sets.  And one of them is a glorious web designing super hero who is coming to my aid. I dare not say her name until after she’s worked her magic.  She shouldn’t be associated with the current state of my website!

May both hemispheres of your brain have a delightful 4th of July!