We tend to avoid our challenges.  They remind us of the ways in which we are weak.  However, I think there might be a more useful way to look at our challenges.  It’s useful to recognize which things come to us easily and which things we have to struggle for.  If we only focused on our strengths, we would never grow.  Recognizing the areas where we are challenged, helps us learn about ourselves.

It’s important, though, to never define yourself by your challenges.  We tend to do this quite a bit.  We try something once, it was really difficult, so we file it under, “Cannot Do/Never Attempt Again.”  But actually, if we venture back occasionally to check back in with that same difficult task, it’s quite possible (and natural) that we learned something from the previous trial and can apply that new knowledge to our next attempt.

Something that was challenging for you a year, a month, or even a week ago, might be easier for you now.

Never define yourself by your strengths or your weaknesses.  Use them for what they are, mile-markers along your journey, to see how far you’ve come.