Beginning Improv

Beginning Improv

Improvisation is more than just a useful tool for actors, it’s a different way of approaching life. Through fun games and exercises, students will gain more confidence, more creativity, and more playfulness with the basic improv skills of listening, reacting, working with others, and trusting oneself. Not only will it make you more comfortable while thinking on your feet, it’s really fun! This fun class is eight weeks of meeting and playing in an enjoyable, supportive environment without the pressure of a final performance.

  • DatesSaturdays, 12-2:30pm, August 17 - October 12 (no class August 31)
  • Cost($285) $259*
    Summer Savings: Save $26 if you sign up before July 15
  • LocationSt. Columba's Episcopal Church — 939 James Burgess Rd, Suwanee, GA 30024
  • PrerequisitesNo previous training or experience necessary.

What People Are Saying:

  • I took my first improv class with Amanda, and I’m so glad I started with her. I walked into that class terrified - I had no acting experience and was rarely funny. She created an environment where I felt encouraged and safe to be vulnerable (a rarity for me at that time)….I can also honestly say that her classes have changed my life outside of improv – I’m more open, more comfortable with failure and less stressed in social situations.

    —Sylvester Russell

  • Apart from her remarkable teaching, Amanda's commitment to fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment really enhanced the experience and made me feel more comfortable.

    —Uma Anand

  • I really enjoyed the safe environment that Amanda created.  I am really a beginner and I never felt like an outsider during the workshop.  Amanda made sure that we all walked away with a new skill and ways to think outside of the box!

    —CJ Leavens

  • Amanda has achieved the impossible by turning someone who'd never been on stage before, someone with severe social anxiety, into an improviser who performs in public on a weekly basis. All in less than 2 years. And it's even enjoyable (sometimes!) WHO ELSE COULD DO THAT!? I'll tell you who -- no one.

    —Amy Hood

  • Amanda is not only a great improviser with years of experience, but she knows HOW to teach it.


  • I was considering taking an improv class to gain confidence in speaking and ‘get out of my head.’ I loved the class. Amanda's passion came through in her teaching, and in her ability to see and draw out the potential improviser in each of us. Amanda guided us through exercises precisely and with such fun, that before we knew it - towards the end of the sessions - the skills had built upon one another and my classmates and I were creating short scenes and responding to each other in the moment. I've continued taking classes and hope to have Amanda again as a teacher!


  • Amanda's style of teaching and the concepts she teaches are foundational for good scene work and unlike any that are taught in other theaters in Atlanta. She has changed the way I play and makes it feel more effortless to improvise.


  • There’s a certain level of anxiety when taking an improv class. Amanda gets rid of the “fear of the unknown” with her Southern hospitality and charm. Come in nervous, leave with a great friend and coach.


  • Amanda's passion for improv and teaching is evident in every session, and continuously motivated and inspired me and all the other students to push the boundaries of our creative potential.

    —Uma Anand

  • She knows the importance of taking the time to establish an environment of acceptance, openness and trust, and that makes all the difference in the learning experience!

    —Jeremy Chapman

  • Being in a class with Amanda is never intimidating and always fun.  Because the class is based in non-judgment and inclusion on all levels, you feel safe and open to discovery.  Her honesty and openness are inspiring and it's always a joy to be in a room with her.