Intermediate Personal Storytelling

Intermediate Personal Storytelling

This 8-week class builds on the skills that students exercised in their first Personal Storytelling class, as they continue to explore the most engaging ways to share their personal experiences. The instructor will give specific feedback so that students can sharpen their own unique storytelling style. This 8-week class culminates in a final online performance, wherein each student will showcase a personal story.

  • LocationOnline
  • Prerequisites8-week Personal Storytelling class or instructor permission
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What People Are Saying:

  • Each week she finds the pearls in each of our stories. Everybody gets help to create their own style of storytelling...Zoom didn't change her ability to give helpful feedback and guidance to the class.

    —Suzanne Elbon

  • Being in a class with Amanda is never intimidating and always fun.  Because the class is based in non-judgment and inclusion on all levels, you feel safe and open to discovery.  Her honesty and openness are inspiring and it's always a joy to be in a room with her.


  • I really love the space Amanda Rountree created for our storytelling class, how it was structured, the honest helpful feedback, the camaraderie of the class supporting each other.  I appreciated it as a space I felt safe to take risks, which I believe has made me a better storyteller. I look forward to more classes with Amanda!

    —Donna Joyce