Relieve Stress Through Improv

Relieve Stress Through Improv

It’s easy for us adults to forget to set aside time in our lives to play and laugh, but it’s one of the most important things we can do for our happiness (especially when it feels like our lives are filled with stress and anxiety).  This feel-good improv class is play-time for adults, a delightful and necessary break from the work and stress that can build up in our lives.   You’ll spend the entire online class-time simply playing and having fun, as Amanda leads the group through both beloved classics and lesser known games.  Since this workshop is just about playing fun games, it’s open to adults with all levels of experience with improv, whether that’s no experience at all, just a little bit, or a whole lot.  Making time for play is an act of self-care.

This online workshop is pay-what-you-can ($20 suggested).

What People Are Saying:

  • Who isn't stressed from the pandemic? Taking Amanda's Stress Relief Improv Workshop allowed me to socially connect to people for the first time in months. I left Amanda's class  feeling like I was leaving a really fun party with my cheeks hurting from laughing so hard.

    —Anthony Saldana

  • I took Amanda’s online improv class in spring soon after the COVID stay-in-place directive was issued.   Having participated in her in-person improv sessions before, I was curious about how the same level or engagement and participation could be created in the online format.  I was floored by Amanda’s creativity in using the online platform to its full advantage and even, in some cases, trying out techniques that were not possible in the face-to-face format.   I am now enrolled in her online storytelling class and am loving it!

    —Kavita Pandit

  • Amanda’s classes feel the least zoom-like of all the zoom/online meetings. She creates the most fun and interactive environment that makes you actually forget you’re on a computer alone in your room and are instead transported to a room full of laughter and games...


  • Amanda's honesty and enthusiasm for her craft are infectious!

    —Tony B.

  • I really enjoyed the safe environment that Amanda created.  I am really a beginner and I never felt like an outsider during the workshop.  Amanda made sure that we all walked away with a new skill and ways to think outside of the box!

    —CJ Leavens