Narrative Collage Master Class

Narrative Collage Master Class

Although not as well known in many improv communities, Narrative Collage is a unique and entertaining improvisation format originally developed by Del Close. Because it relies on individual monologues to create a connected story through separate narratives that are expertly woven together, it is a perfect fit for online play. This format highlights the players’ abilities to create and sustain strong characters and stories.  In this 4-week class, students will exercise both their skills of building a strong, cohesive narrative and creating and sustaining clear characters, all while learning the tools needed to execute an engaging Narrative Collage performance.  

  • LocationOnline
  • Prerequisitesprevious improv training/experience required.
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What People Are Saying:

  • Amanda Rountree's skill as an instructor is top notch. Her insight is amazing, and it is matched by her succinctness in giving constructive and critical feedback. She offers the learner clear directions on their path of development in the art of improvised theater and a deeper understanding of the nuances of performance.

    —Brad Fortier, Author, A Culture of Play