Spoon River Workshop

Spoon River Workshop

Spoon River is a delightfully dark improv format based off the book, Spoon River Anthologies by E. L. Masters.  Students in this one-day workshop will learn and play with the form, while working their character, storytelling, and monologue skills.  With monologues as its core structure, Spoon River is an ideal format for online improvised play.  We will explore the different approaches individuals and ensembles can make to this mostly forgotten format.

This online workshop is pay-what-you-can ($20 suggested).

  • LocationOnline
  • Prerequisitesprevious improv training/experience required.
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What People Are Saying:

  • Amanda's teaching style was at once relaxed enough that I didn't feel a need to impress, professional enough so that I felt compelled to do my best, and friendly enough that I didn't feel it would matter how I did. Thankfully, with her coaching, I did better than my previous best and came away from her workshop feeling more confident in my abilities and able to approach Improvisation in a new manner.