There are only two more performances left of my solo show, 185 Buddhas Walk into a Bar.  Every single performance has a different opening act and The Twitty Birds (ukelele boy band featuring Jeff Gandy and Andrew Thorp) open for me this Thursday.  That’s right, y’all.  I said a ukelele boy band!

The Twitty Birds are America’s favorite boy band that has yet to be discovered. Armed with ukeleles and boyish charm, The Twitty birds will make you feel like it’s 1986-2012 all over again! The Twitty Birds, or T-Birds as they were known by briefly in 1998, is currently comprised of two original band members Jeff Gandy and Andrew Thorp.

jeff-gandyJeff Gandy has been working with youth programs since his teen years in Mississippi. In addition to being Director of the Youth Training Center at The Second City, he is currently part of the youth program teaching staff at Old Town School of Folk Music and Joel Hall Dance Center. As an actor and improviser Jeff has performed with many teams at i.O. including Otis, Garbagé, The Strangers and currently Cowboy Couture. His love for sketch comedy is illustrated each time he performs with The Fowler Family.

andrew-thorpAndrew Thorp is an improviser, stand-up comedian, actor, writer, director, and producer of Thorpedo Productions. He improvises with ‘The Stevens Family’ and can be seen in the Donny’s Skybox at The Second City co-running an open mic and performing or writing sketch revues.

185 Buddhas185 Buddhas Walk into a Bar
Written and performed by Amanda Rountree, directed by Jen Ellison
Studio Be
3110 N. Sheffield Ave.
$12 in advance, $15 at the door Buy Tickets!
Thursdays in March at 8pm

185 Buddhas Walk into a Bar
The art of improvisation creates stories from thin air, making the unseen seen. For Amanda Rountree, this is not just an artform, but a way of life — one that includes unexpected twists and turns — leading, if not to mastery, to enlightenment.  Written and performed by Amanda Rountree, and directed by Jen Ellison, this show follows the artist on her path with all of the funny and touching moments along the way.