Check out Amanda Rountree’s master class that she’s offering in Seattle at the beginning of June!  The class size is small, so sign up now.  Wooty-woot!

Sustainable Scene Work Master Class
Saturday, June 2nd, 12:00-3:00 pm
Odd Duck Studio
1214 N. 10th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

$40 per person, $30 in advance
To register/pay for this workshop please click here to pay securely with paypal and receive the advance discount–or email Amanda at andthemonkey at gmail dot com.

Learn how you can nurture the skills needed to create grounded scenes that can sustain themselves for longer than just a few minutes.  In this workshop, we will focus on breaking out of any habits you may have formed that can hinder grounded work, while we explore the small steps we can make to do truly sustainable, dynamic scenes.  Come ready to dig in and play!


About the Instructor

Amanda Rountree has been performing improvisational theatre professionally since 1992, teaching since 1998, and directing since 2002. She relocated to Chicago in 2007 from Seattle where she was a performer and instructor with Unexpected Productions and a performer and co-artistic director of Playback Theater Northwest. Amanda has entertained audiences in seven countries and countless North American cities utilizing a wide variety of styles, disciplines, and formats.  She is a resident teaching artist for Lifeline Theatre and the Second City Training Center.  She is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory, a company member of WNEP Theatre, and an improv coach for groups around Chicago.  She is currently writing her next one-woman show, after several successful runs and tours of The Good, the Bad, and the Monkey.  Please check out for more info.

What People Are Saying

“Amanda Rountree’s skill as an instructor is top notch. Her insight is amazing, and it is matched by her succinctness in giving constructive and critical feedback. She offers the learner clear directions on their path of development in the art of improvised theater and a deeper understanding of the nuances of performance.”  -Brad Fortier, Director of Education, The Brody Theater, Portland, OR

“This class opened up my understanding of what improv can be…”  -Brenda Kelly, Chicago

“Amanda’s workshop was just what I needed. It pushed me to go to new places, gave me new perspective, and was above all really, really fun. Her teaching style focuses on the improviser going somewhere, not just making the audience laugh. Which allowed us all to go amazing places that the audience would have never expected. She’s playful, respects the art-form and wants all her students to succeed. I hope everyone gets to spend time studying with Amanda Rountree.”  -Adam H., Chicago

“Amanda is an amazing improv teacher. Her enthusiasm and performance experience shine through in her teaching, enabling her to help students make huge improvements in their skills while having loads of fun.”  –Sean Harding, Seattle, WA

“Amanda’s teaching style was at once relaxed enough that I didn’t feel a need to impress, professional enough so that I felt compelled to do my best, and friendly enough that I didn’t feel it would matter how I did. Thankfully, with her coaching, I did better than my previous best and came away from her workshop feeling more confident in my abilities and able to approach Improvisation in a new manner.”  -Greg G., Chicago, IL