Whether you do short form or long form improv, being comfortably grounded in your scenework can take you to the next level.  Come to this class to find out how to use the tools you already have to gain richness in your humor and a more dynamic relationship with the audience.  Find out how to propel scenes forward into delightful territory absolutely effortlessly.  This class is coming up soon and the spots are filling up.  There’s still room, though!  To secure your place in this workshop (and to save $10), click here now!

“This class opened up my understanding of what improv can be…”  -Brenda Kelly, Chicago

“The Keepin’ It Real class I took from Amanda has been incredibly useful to me. The techniques Amanda taught in that class dramatically improved my ability to connect emotionally with my work and to bring genuine feeling to my improvised characters. It’s no exaggeration to say that Amanda’s teaching was instrumental in bringing my improv to the next level.”  –Sean Harding, Seattle, WA

“Amanda quickly establishes an environment where it becomes easy to truly use yourself and your own life experiences in your improvisation, and feel completely safe in doing so, even in a room full of strangers.”  -Dennis Frymire, Chicago

“Amanda’s workshop was just what I needed. It pushed me to go to new places, gave me new perspective, and was above all really, really fun. Her teaching style focuses on the improviser going somewhere, not just making the audience laugh. Which allowed us all to go amazing places that the audience would have never expected. She’s playful, respects the art-form and wants all her students to succeed.”  -Adam H., Chicago

I hope to see you there!