Dear Lovely Single Pals,

I apologize if I’ve been annoying at all lately.  I haven’t been myself.  Well, I’ve been myself.  But not the myself that I’m–or you–are used to.  I’ve been the “dating someone….oh, now I’m in a relationship all of a sudden” version of myself.  And I’m not used to this version.  I’d forgotten that this version was available to me, honestly….after being so well-versed in the “single” version of myself for nearly six whole years.

To my horror–and perhaps even yours, my single friends–I have turned into a woman that misses her boyfriend when she hasn’t seen him in a day or two.  I know!  I’m that person now!  It’s like it’s not enough that I’ve met a person I really like who really likes me…..I have to SEE HIM A LOT.

Also I want to apologize for something else I’m sure I’ve done in your presence recently.  (And if I haven’t, I’m bound to, so go ahead and take this apology in advance, as well).  You were probably telling me a really great story and after you finished talking, I greedily took over the conversation with some twitterpated story about how wonderful my guy is or–even more goobery–how wonderful he thinks I am…..

In addition, I should beseech your forgiveness, dear friends, for beginning more and more sentences with “We…..”  Please know that this is as much of a surprise to me as it is to you.  Also, know that I am not unaware of all of the times when you invite me to something, that I am more and more likely to ask if it’s okay if I bring a guest…..  Don’t be afraid to lead into an invite by saying something like, “So we’re going to have a LADIES’ night….”  I should still be able to take a hint.

I appreciate your patience with me while I’m updating to this new version.  The rest of me has gone unchanged.



PS:  Oh, but do know that I am really happy and that I’m not just so self-conscious about all of this stuff that I’m not able to enjoy the delight and excitement of new love.  If you are unconvinced, I can tell you some stories.  Like for example, the other night, he said the sweetest thing……..


  • RH says:

    Dear Coupled Amanda,
    Since you have still refrained from hitting the “I’m so smug and of course you must be doing something wrong if you are single” stage – then you can be easily forgiven for you small blunders, since they are not of the variety that may come back to haunt you later.
    Your single friend

    • amandarountree says:

      Oh, I better not ever reach that stage! I experienced enough of that while I was single! Ugh.

  • It takes a lot of courage to write a letter like this, so I applaud you Amanda. If only my coupled up friends would be so insightful…

    I don’t personally know you but I am glad you haven’t changed who you really are. Kudos! And good luck with that plus one in your life. ^^

  • I can totally relate!

    – K.

  • Jonathan says:

    You just met him,
    This is crazy,
    Here’s is number,
    So call him maybe?

  • I liked you better when you weren’t getting any…

  • briebennett says:

    I read the comment string, and now I have that song in my head too! Ahhh! But before my brain was hijacked, wanted to say that it’s awesome you are happy! Your single friends will get their turns 🙂

  • K Morton says:

    Yay! This gives me hope, at times it seems COMPLETELY HOPELESS to meet someone. OKcupid? How many guys did you have to date before you found THE ONE? I find each one exhausting…

  • amandarountree says:

    Yes, it was OKC. And hoo-boy, dating WAS exhausting. In fact, my first one-woman show was all about dating and being single and the ups and downs! But it was all worth it, to find out what I TRULY wanted. 🙂 Good luck to you, K!