Oh!  I know her.


What’s her name?

starts with an ‘S’


…has an “s” sound in it


What is her name?

If she smiled more, she could be a Bridget.

Oh, is she one-of-those ends-in-a-“y” people?

I can’t stand those people.  (except for the people I love whose names happen to end in why)

Because I know Amy’s and Emily’s and other-y’s that are great–but it’s because they always had ease.  They didn’t add the “eeeeeee’s” on later to cuten themselves up.

Dangit.  What IS her name?

Oh!  Aaaaaaah…

Lots of vowels.  I think it’s a vowel-ish name.

Alanah or Layla or Laila or….


too many l’s

Man, what is her NAME?!  It’s right on the tip of my tongue.  I know it.  I know I’d know it if I heard it.  It’s driving me crazy!  If I could just think of…..

Oh!  I know him….