At the risk of sounding either narcissistic or needy (or both), I have created a fan page on facebook.  I did not create a fan page for something I myself am a fan of–say, The Muppets, Jane Austen, or sliding around on hardwood floors in my socks.  No, I created a fan page for Amanda Rountree.  Um, yeah.  Myself.  Just the thought of it sounds kooky.

But, I’ve gotta promote my one-woman show (among other projects) and this is an easy (and free) way to do it.  Well, it’s relatively free.  All it costs is just a little bit of my dignity.  You see, when you create a fan page on facebook, the guide leads you through little steps–one being, “suggest to friends.”  So essentially, with one click, I send out a little post to many of my friends, family members, and colleagues that reads, “Amanda Rountree suggests that you like Amanda Rountree.”


And since you automatically become a fan of the fan page you create, I’m sure that somewhere on my “facebook newsfeed,” it reads, “Amanda Rountree likes Amanda Rountree.”


There’s a show in this, methinks.

Speaking of shows, wanna know when my next one is coming up?  Please click this link to “like me” on facebook and you can find out!

That wasn’t at all embarrassing.