It happened!  I’m feeling better!  Wooty-woot-woot!  It’s funny, how when you’re feeling better, you just KNOW it.  But when you’re not feeling better, you don’t even remember what feeling-better feels like.



Me:  Am I feeling better today?

Me Again:  Maybe.  I think so.

Me:  Yeah, me too.  I mean, it feels like when I’m walking around, I don’t want to go right back to sleep.

Me Again:  Yeah.  Well, like maybe we can go back to sleep in a little bit, but we don’t have to right now.

Me:  Exactly.

Me Again:  But we will go back to sleep?

Me:  Yeah….I think I might be getting better today……

Me Again:  I’m tired.



Me Again:  Oh my god!  I feel better!

Me:  You’re right!

All of Me:  WOOOOT!