Ah, I love lookin’ at the search word terms for my site.  Apparently, just recently, someone clicked on my site ’cause they searched the following:

“monkey in dream is good or bad”

In case they click over here again, I’ll venture to help them.

Well, Dear Reader, I’d say that depends.  Are you a performer who has monkeys in your solo show?  If so, perhaps the dream is simply you working out the right blocking.  Do you like monkeys?  It’s a good thing.  Are you scared of monkeys?  It’s a stress dream.  It really depends on so many factors.  Was the monkey wearing your clothes?  Did the monkey remind you of your ex?  Or of your mother?  What did the monkey say to you?  Was there direct eye contact?  Were any other animals involved?  Did you feel loved?  Mocked?  Inspired?

Perhaps your monkey is just an extension of your ego.  Tell your monkey not to bother you.  Give your ego a banana and go back to sleep.  Sweet dreams, dear reader.  Sweet dreams.