I love cows.  I don’t know if any of you out there have spent any substantial amount of time with one or more of these ladies.  But I have.  Not enough, by any means.  For sure, if I had my druthers, I would say that I would like to spend more time with cows.  But I will say, that I’ve spent enough time face to face with a cow to know that they are delightfully pleasant creatures.  Talk about an animal that can teach us a thing or two about just being.  We don’t “be” enough.  Y’know what I’m sayin’?  I don’t know if elephants really are good at remembering.  I’m sure there’s information out there about that.  But cows do seem content.  At least, the cows that I’ve had the pleasure of being in contact with seemed so.  Of course, those gals had the luxury of a nice open field with lots and lots of green grass.  I’m certain that cows that are pent up, crowded, and kept pregnant and birthing (so that they can produce milk for their babies humans) are way more agitated and sad than they are content.

Ahem.  But I digress.

Where was I?

Oh, yes.  I love cows.

I also love music.  Who doesn’t?  There is not a person on this planet who hates music.  Every single person can claim that at least one piece of music has the power to move them.  Right?  Right.  It’s what makes us human.  Or is it?  Who’s to say that music doesn’t move other creatures as well?  Or, mooooooves them?   (Sorry.  Okay, I’m not really sorry.)

Anyway….  I just discovered this.


I LOVE THIS.  It is absolutely beautiful.  I am hoping that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Can we please have more musical performances for animals who are completely engaged in the entertainment?  And videos are great, sure.  But I am hoping to get a front row ticket to one or more of these concerts.  Who can I contact about this?  How do I get on that list?

Oh, I hope I have cow and jazz dreams tonight.



  • Craig says:

    Call the Dean of the music department at BYU and ask for Steve Call. He is my brother in law and the man who is playing the ephonium (small tuba) that got this whole video going viral.

  • amandarountree says:

    Oh, wow! Really? I love how small the world just got. (Thanks, internet!) Were you there when it happened? Has he created any other jazz-for-animals events? Congrats to him! I love that it went viral!