Time doesn’t always feel linear.  Sometimes I feel like I meet and float in between different ages of myself.  Some days, I feel more like the younger me.  Some days, I definitely feel like the older me.  I s’pose what’s really happening is there are times when I feel more like how I defined myself years ago; other times where I feel like how I’ve defined myself now, and so on.

The “older definition of me” seems to make decisions fairly practically.  The “younger definition of me” made even major life decisions based entirely on what seemed more exciting.  It might not have always been the wisest method of decision-making, but I don’t regret any of it.

Hopefully, I’ll define myself a little less and live in the present moment a little more.  Although, there is something a bit liberating about “feeling younger” on certain days.  Then again, maybe I’m just defining it as a “young” feeling.  It’s true that age is relative.  And it’s lovely to embrace that no matter how old I am, I’m always me.

I’ve always loved this song.  For what it’s worth, when I sing along to it, I change the words to:

“…made just for the GIRL who can grow up strong and become a MANDA!”

I hope that you are having a wonderful adventure.