This morning, I left the apartment without eating breakfast.  I figured I would pick up a little something while I was running around.  As soon as I felt the November air kiss my face, I started craving a vegan Morning Glory muffin from Madison Market.  In the nine years of living in Seattle, I had my fair share of those yummy spontaneous breakfasts—especially when I lived in Capitol Hill—right across the street from the co-op.  There were so many mornings when I was running just a wee bit late and needed to grab a bite before running down to the theater or over to UW.  But no matter how rushed I felt, I was able to somehow always mindfully treasure my Morning Glory breakfasts.  Sometimes, it would be the small meal I would bring along with me before heading off on a journey somewhere—a road trip to the ocean or an excursion on one of the ferries across the Puget Sound.  Those little muffin moments were something I could count on in a pinch—dependable and comforting.

I absolutely love living in Chicago and I have some great spots in my neighborhood where I can grab a quick, yummy, healthy breakfast when I need to.

But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little homesick for the Pacific Northwest this morning.  I had a wonderful life there and my heart is full of lovely, splendid memories.  Sometimes, it’s just nice to be grateful for that.

To the people and places in Seattle, I raise a glass–or a muffin, rather–to you today.