I’ve been seeing this more and more…  centerpieces and such of food that is cut, shaped, and arranged to look like flowers.

I’ve also been seeing this more and more….flower arrangements that are shaped, trimmed, and placed to look like food.

I’m just gonna go on record right here and now that I prefer food that looks like flowers to flowers that look like food.

Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers.  And if it ever happens that I receive flowers from someone, I am incredibly delighted and grateful.  I’ll even buy flowers for myself on occasion–I love having ’em around so much.  But I feel that giving flowers to someone when they are shaped as food, is just sort of cruel.  Call it the power of suggestion, but if I see something that looks like a cupcake, I’d kind of like to have a cupcake.  On the other hand, food that looks like flowers gives the receiver the benefit of both worlds….it’s pretty AND you can eat it!

Rest assured that the food-that-looks-like-flowers people did not pay me to make this statement.  It is quite simply my honest opinion.