I teach theatre classes in and around Chicago to all ages.  A few years ago, I began a reflection ritual with very young students.  It worked so well, that I started using it with my older students, and even adults.  Yesterday, I was feeling a little grumpy while working out in the gym, so I did this reflection ritual silently, to myself.  I felt so much better after!  Then I thought, “Why don’t I do this more often?  I should do this every day.”

Here is the little closing ritual I lead at the end of many classes.  But I discovered that I can do this any time.  I share it here in hopes it can bring others joy.

Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart.  Feel your heart beating and your belly moving every time you take a nice, deep breath.  Think of one thing you did today that you feel good about.  Put it in your heart.  Take a deep breath in and out.  Think of something someone else did today that you enjoyed or that you were delighted by or grateful for.  Hold it in your heart.  Take a deep breath in and out.  Finally, think of something you did today with another person or people–something that you were a part of–something you helped create.  Put it in your heart.  Take a deep breath in and out.

This is an easy way to reflect and it doesn’t take much time at all to do.  But I’m always a little happier afterward.

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  • ktsalmo says:

    This is a great excercise. There are many times when I am just overwhelemed that I cant even think straight. Having something to think and take time to breathe can really calm a person down. I think its a great idea to use this in a classroom. It will bring the students back to an open mind and peaceful place to start.