As an artist, I make art.  Then, people look at my art….or in my case, watch my art or read my art.  Then, sometimes they will say things about my art.  Artists like it when people say things about their art.  It means that the art moved them enough to make them want to say something.  Sometimes, people will even say things about the art to the artist.  This is typically pretty exciting for the artist.  There are times that people will say nice things about the art.  The artist loves this.  There are other times when people say mean things about the art.  Some artists hate this.  Some artists love this, because their art still moved someone to feel something.  Then there are times when people tell the artist that the art was exactly how they felt and that they are amazed that the artist pulled out the art that was hidden in the hearts and the minds of the people looking at the art and put it up for everyone to see.  It’s a special thing when people tell the artist that they see themselves in the art.  And as an artist, hearing that is always my favorite.