That place on W2 forms where you list exemptions is important.  I need to change mine.

Uncle Sam is getting a lot of money from me this month.

Sometimes when you sit down to write about something, you write about something else entirely.

I forgot how much I love Sherman Alexie’s writing.  I need to read more of his work.

People can be really awful to each other.

Homemade pico de gallo is delicious.  I shouldn’t put it in an opaque container though.  ‘Cause I just forget that it’s in there.

Old homemade pico de gallo is stinky.

Chicago’s comedy community is fantastic in so many ways.

For a person who doesn’t necessarily celebrate Easter, I have a lot of Easter plans.

People can be really wonderful to each other.

That stranger you sit next to on the train or pass by on the sidewalk could be dealing with some intense stuff.  Even the smallest gesture of compassion can make a difference to that person.