I told a friend recently that I was writing my next one-woman show.  She asked me about my process.  I’m not really sure what my process is.  I think I’m still figuring it out.  I can tell you what my process feels like.  It feels like my process is:

announce to everyone I’m writing my next show

sit down to write

notice dust on bookshelves

clean entire apartment

sit down to write

realize I haven’t eaten

go to store

buy interesting bulk items I’ve never tried before

clean out pretty jars and fill them with Himalayan Red Rice or Black Japonica Rice

spend hours playing around with new recipes


sit down to write

call my mom ’cause it’s been a while since we talked

do dishes

sit down to write

gaze out the window at the park

go to the park

sit down to write

update blog

Surprisingly, I have actually gotten some writing done.  In fact, I’ll be performing a short piece this Saturday with The Kates in Lincoln Square!  You should come.  Check out all of the funny folks who will be performing that night–hosted by Kelise Huff!

Kendra Stevens
Sapna Kumar
Bethany Remely
Cynthia Levin
Natalie Jose
Amanda Rountree
Rhea Butcher
Amy Sumpter