Today I was paging through my notes from directing and coaching improvisational theatre.  Here are some phrases that stood out to me.  Perhaps one could apply them to more than improv….

Stay Connected

Be Affected

trust that we can just be birds

Be either off or on–not in between.


If it doesn’t matter to you, why should it matter to us?

Let IT be what IT wants to be.

Support each other.

Say “yes” to yourself, dammit!

Have fun with each other!

Get to it.

Make discoveries from the inside, not decisions from the outside.

Open Up.

Always wear comfy clothes.


Trust your own impulses.


Don’t make people crazy.  Join them.


Less thinking and more being.

fantastic spinning

It’s going to be pretty hard to do anything if no one likes each other.

It was great when Hercules was affected.

Give some space.

your funny talk about sacks got funnier when you were affected by each other

Have something that matters to you.