I arrived in Philly today (in town in plenty of time for my three fringe shows this weekend) and have been bopping around on my own exploring different areas of this cool city.

Like anyone else who goes to see the Liberty Bell, my bags had to be checked.  Of course, I came right from the airport, so I actually had serious bags–not just a purse or a backpack.

After lifting up a container of homemade scones for my breakfasts and homemade cookies for my host, the officer discovered not one but three sock monkeys carefully curled up and tucked in amongst my clothing.  “Well,” he said, summing it up, “you seem to have everything.”

Yes, sir.  Yes sir, I do.

Oh!  What’s that you say?  You are (or someone you know is) in Philly and want to know about my show?  Well then, pretty please click right here and get all the monkey details!