I’ve rehearsed with my monkeys, interviewed with Louisville’s weekly papers, and sent emails and updates galore to friends and family in Kentuckiana.   I’m super excited about my upcoming performance of my one-woman show in my hometown!

The performance is in the beautiful Bunbury Theatre in downtown Louisville this Saturday, August 14th at 8pm.  Click here to get your tickets!

The Good, The Bad, and The Monkey
Singlehood, Dating, and the Search for Something Real

Amanda Rountree takes a hilarious–and at times, heartbreaking–look at the cycles of relationships and the myths that we tell ourselves about finding a soul mate…..using sock monkeys. This is certainly not the expected  one-woman show about being single or dating.  Rountree warmly invites the audience to come along on her own journey, playing herself for the entire show.  It’s the sock monkeys who take on the other characters in her life–friends, boyfriends, dates–bits of her own psyche.  Because the voices of the other “actors” are easily provided inside the heads of audience members, the viewers are gently wrapped up in this sincere and engaging world in a very amusing way.

“Rountree is amusingly unafraid…”  –Chicago Tribune

“Amanda’s energetic and light performance style is the real anchor of the show…her sense of comedic timing is in full display.”  –An Angry White Guy in Chicago

“Amanda Rountree is radiantly endearing…”  –Chicago Theatre Blog