So now that the holidays have tapered off a bit (the cards have stopped coming, my stocking dark chocolates have been eaten, and I’ve watched all of the corny Christmas movies available online), I’ve begun to finally buckle down and write my next show.  It’s something that’s been floating around in my head for a few months now, but I really started typing stuff out this past week.

This also means that when sitting down to get some serious work done on my next show, I have gained heightened awareness of my surroundings.  For example, there’s some dust in the corner behind that painting.  And why have I gone so long in this world without taking the time to make a good, old-fashioned pot of homemade lentil soup?  My books should be better organized.  The blinds are crooked.  There are some old emails I need to respond to.  My afghans on my quilt rack aren’t folded the right way.  I should clean the bathroom.   I need to research and find that obscure quote from that one movie and post it to my friend’s wall.  How long does it take spit to freeze when it’s this cold?  My walls are too blank.  I should hang more art.  I should make more art, so that I can hang it.  I love this song.  You know what would be fun?  I should come up with a little dance routine for this song.  I need to learn Spanish.

Alright, so my floor has been swept and mopped.  My stove is clean.  My music selection has been organized.  I even responded to those facebook inbox messages that I never look at.  All I have to do now is write my show.

After I post a little update on my blog….