Chicago, you have four chances to buy just one ticket and see both of these shows!
Chicago, you have four chances to buy just one ticket and see both of these shows!

If you missed seeing this solo show during its run earlier this year, now you’ll have another chance to see it!  But I have even more good news:  185 Buddhas will be appearing along side Kelsie Huff‘s fantastic solo show, Bruiser!  Essentially, you can buy one ticket, but see two great one-woman shows in one night!  Wonderful!





185 Buddhas Walk into a Bar & Bruiser
An evening of two solo shows!  Amanda’s 185 Buddhas and Kelsie Huff’s Bruiser
Studio Be
3110 N. Sheffield Avenue
Sundays at 6pm:  October 13, 20, 27, and November 3


185 Buddhas Walk into a Bar
The art of improvisation creates stories from thin air, making the unseen seen. For Amanda Rountree, this is not just an art form, but a way of life — one that includes unexpected twists and turns — leading, if not to mastery, to enlightenment.  Written and performed by Amanda Rountree, and directed by Jen Ellison, this show follows the artist on her path with all of the funny and touching moments along the way.

The Chicago Reader says, “Amanda Rountree is a riot!”  Audience members have described the show as “inspiring,” “funny,” “beautiful,” “insightful,” and “a must-see!“  The Chicagoist picked this show as one of their “three to see.”  Click here to watch a trailer for the show.  You can also click here to read a review of the show.

BRUISER: Tales from a Traumatized Tomboy

Some girls dream about their wedding day. Others long to play with ponies. Only a select few name and collect their scabs, speak to imaginary rodents in their minds, and make mortal enemies out of cute yellow doggies. Kelsie Huff brings to the Chicago stage the true story of how a misplaced tomboy blossoms into an even more awkward adult. “BRUISER” tackles the hilarity of adolescent and adult humiliation using Huff’s trademark blend of uproarious characters, crushing and unavoidable hereditary influences, and engaging storytelling. Huff shares her unique brand of humor in a new knock-down, drag-out solo show hailed as “comic gold” by the Boulder Daily Camera.

“Huff…a big-time talent, mixes a friendly Midwestern manner with a darker, slap-your-face-funny edge… a fearless chronicler of the awkward and the excruciating…” – The Daily Camera (Boulder)

“Her performance crackles with life and at its very best, gets into rare reaches of emotional ambiguity.” – The Daily Camera

“Bruiser” received 4 out of 4 stars in the Chicago Stage Review and won Best Solo Performance of 2011.