Ack, okay.  I’ll admit it.  I make noises.  All the time.   Wack-a-doo little sounds can oft be witnessed escaping my mouth ’cause they’re simply superior at conveying my exact feelings than words are.  And I love words.  (Mmmm-num-num-num…don’t get me wrong!  This lady loves words).  But sometimes, noises are just better.  Hoo-diddle-lee-dee!*

It’s when I don’t realize I’m doing it that it gets me in trouble.  See, I’ve grown so accustomed to emitting the little buggers, that I don’t even notice when they come out anymore.  A “buh” or an “uggh” or an “eeeeeeeep” could come out at any moment, really. I don’t have to be lifting something heavy or seeing a mouse. (Eeeek!  Just the thought!)  And it has gotten worse I believe.  For it has been brought to my attention more and more frequently that I just made a unique (read: improper) noise in an unbefitting location.  And I wasn’t even aware of my doing so!  Gah.

Ahem.  Now let me make one thing ever so clear.  I don’t think it’s wrong to make little noises.  Ah, no!  To the contrary–I think it is quite a good thing.  They’re so very enjoyable and they make life a little more polka-dotted with fun.  Yee!  It’s my increasing oblivion to my own sound effects that troubles me.  Sigh.  After all, the enjoyment of experiencing them is lost if I don’t…uh, you know, experience them.  Hrm.

Anyhoodlies, I think what I’ll try to do is be a wee more conscious about it.  Just to enjoy ’em more.  Y’know?  Ahhhh…

Oh.  But that does seem like a lot of work…  Meh.

Well, maybe if I take it just one peep at a time.  Dee-duh-lee…Doot-dee-doo…  (Mmm!  That one was delicious!)

*And the typing out of a fun sound simultaneously satisfies both my devotion to these peculiar utterances and my infatuation with fashioning gratifying spellings of new-ish words!  Wheeee!


  • Noah says:

    Yknow, I was just watching Fraggle Rock today, and Wembley was being his typcial wembley self and making all these little honks and beeps and things, and I thought to myself, “hey, there’s amanda!” and I smiled.

  • Amy says:

    Those little noises TOTALLY make you who you are! Also, I think they’re a natural byproduct of having done so many years of improv, just like dextrous fingers are a byproduct of years of playing piano.

    I make lots of funny vocalizations, too, and often talk to myself out loud, which people, unfortunately, do overhear and sometimes react to in a negative way. I’m trying to reign that in a little bit, but it’s hard!

  • Merrie says:

    I blame you. And my sponge-like tendency to pick up on other people’s vocal tics and phrases. BLAME.

    Because now I unknowingly make these noises, too. And coming out of my mouth? It doesn’t sound charming, as it does on Ms. Rountree.

    It sounds unhinged. People giggle, but with that nervous, “omigosh I’m about to get stabbed with a spork” look in their eyes.

    Boop. Ba. Deee.