Today, I was walking down Milwaukee enjoying the beautiful weather–and a vegan chocolate chip ice cream cone–yum!  I moseyed past lots of other Chicagoans enjoying this day in their own ways…  Some were walking their dogs or chit-chatting with friends (or even strangers) on the corner, while many were sitting at tables on the sidewalks for various restaurants and bars that offer the necessary outdoor seating for days just like this one.  An irritated guy briskly walked past me at this moment grumbling to himself with angry astonishment, “Who would go to a bar on Good Friday?!”

Clearly, he was dissatisfied with the blatant hedonism surrounding him, as he was certain that there is only one religion and everyone believes it.

A block later, I passed him as he was walking into a bakery.  I resisted the urge to mutter, “Who would go to a bakery during Passover?!”