Last night was the first rehearsal in the actual space for WNEP‘s show that opens next week.  Because the show is based on the paintings of Edward Hopper (and perhaps also because I am such a visual person), I’ve been crossing my fingers for a very visually stimulating set.  After last night’s rehearsal, I am relieved, ’cause I think we’re gonna get it!  The show runs January 15 – February 21 at DCA’s Storefront Theater in downtown Chicago.  Please click here for specific information.

I am very excited to be a part of this show.  So many amazingly talented people have made/are making this show possible.  Inspired by Edward Hopper, conceived by Jen Ellison; written by Mary Jo Bolduc, Jen Ellison, Bob Fisher, Tom Flanigan, Don Hall, Merrie Greenfield, Joe Janes, Cholley Kuhaneck, and Rebecca Langguth; directed by Don Hall; performed by Scott T. Barsotti, Mary Jo Bolduc, Regan Davis, Lauren Fisher, Dennis Frymire, Kevin Gladish, Lori Goss, Merrie Greenfield, Marsha Harman, Joe Janes, Andrew Jordan, Patrick Kelly, Ian Knox, Vinnie Lacey, Erin Orr, Amanda Rountree, and Jacob A. Ware; and a hard-working crew including Rebecca Langguth, Dianna Driscoll, Stephanie Hoerner, Jim Moore, Joe Griffin, Heath Hays, and Mike Durst.