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Chicago’s Weather

When I moved to Chicago in the summer of 2007, excited midwesterners bopped all around me continuously exclaiming, “Chicago’s summers are wonderful!” and “Oh, the best place to be for summer is Chicago!!” I had just moved here from Seattle where the summers are pleasantly moderate with no humidity.  Combine that with mountain air and…

Three things that delight me…

Spring is almost here! I am very thrilled to now be a company member with Chicago’s WNEP Theatre! Beast Women starts back up again this coming weekend!  My performance page has been updated with the specific dates.

Improvised Shakespeare

Thanks to Vaudezilla, one of my improvised soliloquies was recorded.  This performance was here in Chicago with Beast Women at the Prop Theatre.  Beast Women’s Fall Series runs until 11/22.  I’m performing on closing night. [youtube=]

Happy Autumn!

These little entries don’t write themselves, I guess.  I’ve not been overly update-y on here by a longshot.  What with my trip back to the northwest, my grad shows at Second City’s Conservatory, and fall classes picking up again, I’ve just not been on here. But now I’m back!  And my fall is rolling along…

Mix Tape opens!

Mix Tape–the long form improvisation I directed for Theatre Momentum–opens tomorrow night, August 20! Please click here for more info.

Viva la revolucion!

With her upcoming “Keepin’ It Real” workshop in August, Amanda continues her endeavor to help actors and improvisers become more sincere and vulnerable (and therefore, more dynamic) performers. For more information, please visit the “Workshops” page. Thanks!

“Note for Note” runs Fridays in June!

The sketch show I’m directing opens June 6 and runs every Friday until June 27th!  Tickets are just $10 (or $8 in advance).  Seating is limited, so advance tickets are HIGHLY recommended!  If you want advance tickets, just contact yours truly!  Ooo!  And every night, there will be prizes!  But you can only win something…

“Beast Women” has been extended!

The female performance cabaret (Beast Women), with whom I’ve been performing many of my solo pieces, has been extended!  Hooray!  We’ll be at the Prop Theatre for late night Saturday shows all though June!  Hopefully, I’ll get around to updating the performance page soon-ish.

My End, My Means

Thank you to all of the people in my life who have encouraged me, supported me, and told me to get my butt out there and follow my heart.  It’s working.

Upcoming Auditions

Theatre Momentum is opening two new original long-form shows this summer. The auditions for these shows are coming up on May 17. Rob Kozlowski is directing “Jigsaw” and yours truly is directing “Mixtape.” Please click here for more info!