Shakespeare, Unscripted opens this Saturday!

2 04 2015

I got a hold of some of the most delightful improvisers in the Atlanta area and then I made them hang out with me for two months straight–watching, reading, playing, and studying Shakespeare.  These people are smart, funny, and good.  And so is this show.


Shakespeare, Unscripted is a fully improvised play in the style of William Shakespeare.  We run Saturdays at 8pm in April and May.  Please get your tickets here!

Hie thee to Highwire!

The Cast:  Ian Covell, Kelley Lockman, Madison Rigger-Hatfield, Andy Bliss, Ian Custar, Sarah Zureick-Brown, Kris Purushothaman, David Wappel, and Amanda Rountree

Highwire Comedy

29 01 2015

HIghwire is the newest addition to the improv and comedy scenes in the Atlanta area.  I am delighted and honored to be sharing the Artistic and Education Director roles with the amazing and talented Ian Covell.  If you haven’t checked us out at 3041 N. Decatur Road, please do!  We’ve got shows every week, Thursday-Sunday and a whole heap of improv, sketch, and stand-up classes to boot.

I'm pleased as punch to be a part of this fantastic theater!

I’m pleased as punch to be a part of this fantastic theater!

This post has one title; I have two.

12 11 2014

Every artist is familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of being too far away from creative projects for too long; I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t find something soon enough down south. But, boy, I sure did arrive in Atlanta at the right time.

Right about the time we moved down here, I met Ian Covell, the founder of Atlanta’s new improv theater, Highwire Comedy.

While gettin’ used to a new life and a new home, it has been really helpful to have fun improv stuff and fun improv people to ground me. And now that Highwire Comedy has its own space in Decatur, we’ve been making lots and lots of plans! I am absolutely overjoyed to announce that I have been made both the Artistic Director and the Associate Education Director of Highwire Comedy!

I'm pleased as punch to be a part of this fantastic theater!

I’m pleased as punch to be a part of this fantastic theater!

Just getting the chance to start playin’ with fun people right away was already a relief!   (I got to play in “The Soapbox, Highwire’s weekly Armando-style show, mere days after arriving here.  Plus, I’m currently directing a FANTASTIC group of actors in “The Day Before Tomorrow,” an improvised show in the style of a disaster film, which opens later this month.)  But man, oh man!  Now I have a title–more than one, even!  I feel fancy.

Ian (my Artistic Director cohort and the Education Director) and I have sat down and have started creating class offerings and show schedules for Highwire. Stay tuned, y’all. 2015 is going to be a very exciting year!

Auditions posted for WNEP’s one-act plays

28 05 2013

Chicago’s WNEP Theatre has a lovely run of original one-acts this summer!  Two Plays, One Place will be running at Zoo Studios in Ravenswood from July 26th – Aug 17th.

RAINBOWS AND LOLLIPOPS by Dave Goss (to be directed by Rebecca Langguth)

THE TRIBUTE by Rebecca Langguth (to be directed by Amanda Rountree)

We’re looking for actors!  (Seeking men ages 25-65 and women ages 25-45).  Prepare a two-minute monologue of your choosing. Headshot/resume.  Auditions are on Saturday, June 22nd.  Must be available for callbacks on Monday, June 24th from 7-10pm.  For more info and/or to sign up, please click here!

Two Original One Act Plays this Summer

16 05 2013

I’m an ensemble member of a pretty great theatre company here in Chicago called WNEP (What No one Else Produces) and this summer, we’ve got two original one-act plays coming up!

RAINBOWS AND LOLLIPOPS by Dave Goss (to be directed by Rebecca Langguth)

THE TRIBUTE by Rebecca Langguth (to be directed by Amanda Rountree)

Both one-acts will be performed at the Zoo Studios in Ravenswood from July 26th – Aug 17th!  More details on the show (and auditions for both plays) will be out soon!


All of the cool kids are doing it….

7 01 2013

A fun and easy way to keep up with the workshops I’m teaching, the shows I’m performing, and the thoughts I’m having (related to theatre, art, and creativity) is to “like” my page on facebook.  When you’ve got the time, please head over to that side of the internet and check it out.  And if you know folks who might be interested in what I’m sayin’ over there, please spread the word!  Thanks!

The Improviser’s Palette

2 04 2012

Most improvisers are so afraid of being cliché or “repeating themselves” that they try to avoid archetypes and typical relationships.  Maybe they’re thinking, “You’ve seen one lovers-getting-together scene, you’ve seen them all.”  But these are the stories that audiences crave to see and hear the most.  If this was not the case, nobody would know who Shakespeare was and movies would never be remade.  Just because you did a scene last week wherein you played a character who wanted to be respected by another character doesn’t mean you’re cheating or being a bad improviser if you play a character this week that is seeking respect.  Human emotions are not limiting.  They are our palette.  Primary colors are limiting only to the unskilled painter.